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Familiarize yourself with our revision and refund policy

We strive to provide you with remarkable programming exam help on time and according to the requirements mentioned in the order. You are entitled to a full or partial refund if we fail to fulfill any of our commitments to you.

Money-back guarantee policy

Our money-back guarantee policy gives you the right to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the service that you have received. We are a legitimate programming exam solver and as such, we make sure that all our clients are completely happy with our service. Our customer satisfaction rate is at 95%. Most of the students who ask us to take their programming exams return with consequential orders and also recommend our service to their mates. However, we know that we are not perfect and sometimes something can go wrong. In such cases, we recommend that you refer to our refund policy.

 Full refund

We only provide a full refund in these situations:

  1.  Cancellation by the customer| No delivery or partial delivery
  2. These situations can only happen if:

    1. No programming exam taker has been assigned: Although we have a competent team of 500+ programming exam tutors, there are some rare situations when we might not be able to find someone to complete your exam. We will notify you immediately if this happens and refund 100% of the amount paid.
    2. The client canceled the order after the expert has been assigned: The refund for this case varies from 100% to 75%. The amount deducted covers the effort of the company and the expert in their attempt to provide you with the service you requested for
    3. The expert did not take the exam: This can only happen if there is an emergency or the expert is ill. The amount refunded will be 100%. If the deadline has not yet elapsed, the exam will be allotted to another expert.
  3. Duplicate orders or transactions

If you accidentally place two similar orders or pay for an order twice, please get in touch with our customer support team as soon as possible so that we can correct the mistake. You need to inform us that the extra order is not needed. If this is not done, we will treat it as a new order. All duplicate orders and transactions placed unintentionally will be refunded 100%.

Partial refund

We process partial refunds in the following cases:

  1. Disputed claims: If you are not satisfied with the quality of the solutions submitted by the expert for your exam then you can ask for a refund. We will consider your request and conduct an investigation. Your refund request will be granted or denied based on the results of the investigation. We are impartial in our investigations and want all our clients to be satisfied.
  2. Plagiarized solutions: If you fail in your exam because of submitting plagiarized solutions then we will need a Turnitin report as proof.
  3. The expert did not answer all the questions in the exams because of time: We will compensate or refund the appropriate amount for this. The exact amount will be discussed with you based on the situation.

No refund

You cannot ask us for a refund in the following cases:

  1. Your exam was completed are described and you attained a good grade
  2. A month has passed since the exam was taken
  3. Your refund request is not in line with the requirements you submitted when placing your order
  4. You failed to submit the required materials and login details on time

Processing of your refund

We process all refund requests within seven business days after it has been confirmed. Our company cannot be held responsible for:

  • Transfer fees
  • Technical bank service issues
  • Transfer anomalies
  • Possible delays