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The terms and conditions of Programming Exam Help

Only those of legal age can use our services. We recommend that you carefully read and understand our terms and conditions before availing any of our services. We strictly prohibit any improper use of our website. Continuing to place an order with us will mean that you have read and are in agreement with all our terms and conditions. Any person who submits a request and/or payment to us is legally bound by these terms and conditions.

Interpretation of the terms used in the content

  1. Website: Refers to the platform Programmingexamhelp.com
  2. “Company”, “Our” or “We”: Refers to our company and platform
  3. Messaging system: the application that we are using to guarantee uninterrupted communication between our team and clients
  4. Order: A request submitted by a client to avail our services. An order includes the requirements and payment details
  5. Exam taker: professional or expert who will complete your exam

Placing an order

  • To place an order with us, you should complete the order form provided on our homepage. We will only provide you with the services that you need when you place an order
  • The order form specifies the details of your exam, the parameters, and the instructions that the programming exam taker should consider. We urge you to provide explicit and exact information regarding your exam when placing your order.
  • You will be prompted to provide information such as your name, email address, telephone number, and country of residence. If you have any difficulty providing this information, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Paying for your order and discounts

  • By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to buy our services. Your order will only be confirmed and assigned to a professional once your payment has been received.
  • The payment is made before providing the service and is calculated as per our pricing conditions. You cannot hold our company responsible for the exam not being completed because you have not processed the payment
  • Orders can only be paid through credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal
  • We reserve the right to provide discounts to our loyal clients at our discretion. Bonus programs and discount codes will be given to the customer eligible for a discount.
  • The complexity and resources required to complete your exam can only be reviewed manually. For this reason, the company may request additional payment or more time to prepare for your exam. The customer is at liberty to either agree or disagree with the new parameters. If the client decides against working with us, a refund will be processed as per our refund policy

Processing your order

We strive to complete all programming exams within the agreed period. Our programming assessment experts do everything possible to take into account all the instructions provided:

  • Order validation: We guarantee nothing less than a top grade. We often check with the student to confirm if the desired grade was attained.
  • Resources: You should specify and upload any resources or course material that you require the tutor to use when completing your exam. If no material is specified, the programming exam helper will be responsible for locating and paying for the suitable materials. This may attract additional charges which should be paid before the exam is taken.
  • Communication: The customer can always talk to the expert via our messaging system. If the professional doesn’t respond, contact our customer support team directly.


  • We are responsible for providing you with the service you requested within the agreed deadline. The programming exam professional assigned to you will be available and ready to complete your exam on the date and time indicated in the order
  • It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct log-ins for your portal where the exam is.

Our responsibility

  • We have a strict policy against plagiarism. The experts associated with us are fully aware of this and will never provide you with plagiarized solutions
  • Our website may contain links to other websites. We do not guarantee that the content of these third-party websites conforms to our terms and conditions

Limitation of liability

If you agree with our terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you cannot hold our company or anybody associated with us for losses and damages that come from or are related to our company. These may include but are not limited to:

  1. Technical malfunctions or failures of any kind on the internet, network, software of the computer hardware
  2. Delayed, incomplete, or difficulties in communication and transmission
  3. Damages that arise from connecting to our website or using our services
  4. Any loss that happens as a result of an event that is beyond our control


We have the right to prevent you from using our services even if you have paid for them in full if:

  • You provide us with false and misleading information
  • Omit or conceal information that we deem important
  • Do not corporate with our operational team during the ordering process
  • We suspect that you have been previously involved in fraudulent activities
  • You attempt to cause harm or undermine our website and servers

We are the sole arbiter as to what a violation of agreement entails

Amendment of our terms and conditions

You acknowledge and agree that Programming Exam Help reserves the right to unilaterally or completely make changes to these terms and conditions without informing you in advance. We recommend that you visit this page every time you want to place an order with us to see if any changes have been made.